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This is the worst customer service/support I have seen. I had a small issue, easy to fix, and provided pictures. I understand a 3rd party advertiser on their network is at fault for the initial problem. Support is still handled by RadiumOne employees and thus RadiumOne is the responsible party for dealing with problems that arise.

It seemed staff was not even reading my text at first and was spitting out a pre-scripted series of actions which resulted in asking me for information already provided.

Repeatedly providing proof of my situation to customer support quickly exasperated me. I provided pictures, the next reply asked for pictures that they had just been given. You could clearly see them yet I was stalled again and a again. At this point I bypassed the web form system and directly emailed the company from its contact page. In the end I was told:

"We have checked with the advertiser responsible for this offer and determined that the transactions weren't fully completed."

"We have decided to make an exception and credit your account."

When I inquired as to how exactly it was not completed, again pointing to the required account and toolbar in the picture proving that I did in fact complete all requirements of the offer, I was then told that if I was not satisfied they would reverse (take away) the credit and that repeated manual crediting of my account could result in banning from the service.

This was the only manual credit, and only time I've ever even contacted Radium One support.

Later the same day I checked the site to see if they had replied and saw my account was manually "suspended" by their support staff. It appears this is a ban, as there is no expiration on the suspension and disallows new tickets or replies so that the staff member has the "last word".

While I have no intention of ever dealing with the company again the gesture the ban represents is a continuation of the unacceptable behavior that I pointed out when I contacted the company directly.

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Wow! I can't believe all the negative reviews I have read, especially the one where the customer was banned for complaining and how they(radiumone ) fixes and alters the pages and just removes your whole account as if you never existed in playing their game.

The Justice Department in Washington, D.c., civil rights division needs to be contacted. Also The Attorney Generals office in the state you live in needs to investigate them. it looks as if everyone of the reviews are similular, being cheated out of thousands of points, the ignorance of the staff who seem to be drunk with power.

The bottom line is this no one is bigger than the law that they can not be brought to justice, it is time for this company to pay their dues.....they have scammed 100's of people, and i dare say discrimination is a big part of it. they have lied and retaliated against those who complain, however we must believe in justice for this is a company that need to be hit where it hurts the most, in their pocket.


Same thing with me . .


they ask for the same thing again and again. SHAME on GoDaddy and for utilizing a scam company for their promotions.


Oh man! This company scammed a lot of people.

They keep asking for screenshot.

When there's nothing to ask they reply the SAME THING "According to the advertiser the following transaction was partially completed therefore we can’t credit your account."



I have sent tons of screenshots, they keep asking for more. And, they told me the EXACT same thing which is BS.

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