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I do RadiumOne Earned Gold free offers daily on Pets game.

Really we need to blame Tagged for allowing RadiumOne to degrade the quality of customer experience on their website. We are the consumer, why should we have to spend more time trying to get Gold straightened out than we do enjoying the time on Tagged. Tagged should really look at the numbers. I submitted tickets for no Gold for a week and counted between the ticket numbers. There were close to 2000 gwallet Zendesk tickets issued in a week.

1. If you agree to download and install any software they offer, I guaranty it is full of adware and spyware, not to mention the numerous additional applications that will be installed and virtually cripple your system. Most of these offers fail to report to RaiumOne to credit Gold either, thus you must create a trouble ticket with screenshots to have Gold credited. After you get your Gold then spend hours cleaning up your system.

2. Beware of anything that mentions Short Survey in offers or Free Samples. All of these offers take you into a never ending bombardment of offers and repeated questions. They never come to an end. You can spend hours answering survey questions hoping to reach the end. Some say "you are almost done" haha NOT. and forget about the Gold because RadiumOne says that after checking with the vendor, that you didn't complete the offer. HELLO

This person wrote the review because of "poor quality of offers, decieving to consumer engagement" of other product from RadiumOne and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants RadiumOne to "radiumone needs to step up on poor offers. please contact me regarding issues".

The most disappointing in user's experience was visit to my proctologist. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I agree RadiumOne has taken the joy out of playing The Free Gold Game. I play the free gold game and turn it into luv points.

i have been banned from saying anything because i challenged them. they repeatedly credited my points on the wrong accounts. As of today they have removed the health ads on my page. So i am limited to what I can play.

I understand that the points go down and you have to continue to play, however recently i watched them double up on my points which went from 261,030 to 46,000

within and hr after I finished doing the ads. You give customers the platform to complain then you ban them from speaking up if they challenge you. You are allowed to remove anybody you feel like it at anytime which is unfair to say the least. You have cheated me out of many points, even though i am still playing and i have watched you not give me the credits that i was due yet I can't say anything.

Who monitors you. The quality of my experience and other customers experiences have been very degrading. You have purposely removed the health ads so me and other cannot make any points. You have lowered the points and offer ads that are to long and are not worth the points.

If I try to close and ad you remove my points. it is shameful how you run this company and I see why many people have stopped playing the game. You have all the rights and the customer has none. A lot of the other ads you offer do not honor what they offer yet you keep them on there anyway.

i have read complaints from people who pay for the gold and have been cheated. You owe me a lot of gold and it dosen't matter whether it is free i earned it yet you have tried to shut me up. there is dignity in running a company the right way, it is shameful how you have taken my points and as soon as i click on the page to play you start removing ads by telling me "sorry this offer is no longer available, yet I go to my friends house and see all the offers that you tell me are not available. it is a shame that people are afraid of speaking up for fear of being removed from the game.

This is still america and not allowing someone to speak up because they are being cheated is wrong. You are purposely taking my points doubling up on them, however i do have another outlet because you have been targeting me ever since i started to complain about your unfair practices. So whatever other tactics you use against me and others that I know there are other outlets that we can go to and file a complaint.

i will not be surprised if you try to remove me from playing or if you succeed in doing so, i just can't sit by and watch you continue to mislead myself and other customers. You have a lot of complaints about how you run this game it is shameful and you are making Tagged look bad and Tagged is a good site

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